Cloakroom Duty

An updated and expanded version of The Conductor will appear in Paul’s book Tales From Badgers Crossing (coming spring 2022 from Greenteeth Press), so for now this has been taken down. Details of how to buy and/or pre-order a copy will be posted soon. For now, you can still read the notes on the inspiration …

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School Property

Brewster drove his vintage green Rover P6 down the Swainmouth Road in a South-Westerly direction, heading towards the outskirts of Badgers Crossing. A short distance away he would cross the River Swain and turn into the gates of Montague Boy’s School, his destination. The sun was starting its descent and its dazzling golden rays were …

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Dark Reflection

Max Blackwood did not like the corridor. It was a long dark tunnel with a flickering light bulb linking the dormitory with the main section of Montague Boys School. Since earning his prefect badge he would often stay behind to report the day’s events to Mr. Sheridan the headmaster and then walk the corridor alone …

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