Meet The Writers

Paul Childs

Paul started writing following a submission call for a ghost story competition run by Den of Geek. He didn’t win but continued to write both fiction and nonfiction. He co-edits and writes for World Geekly News and has also had articles published by Den of Geek, Ginger Nuts of Horror and Folklore Thursday as well as having a regular film music column in the monthly print magazine Film Stories. In 2021 his stories The Conductor and In Memoria Furem were published by Greenteeth Press in the anthologies Horrifying Tales and Tales To Survive The Stars and his tale Jasper, a true-ish story about being stung by a wasp, was a part of Strange Abrasions by Comma Press. You can read more of his work at

His first collection – TALES FROM BADGERS CROSSING – is available to buy now from Greenteeth Press.

Paul came up with the idea for this site after seeing a road sign on the A6003 between Corby and Kettering and thinking that Badgers Crossing would make a good name for a fictional town.

Robert Johns

Robert has been a paranormal investigator for as long as he can remember having been inspired by a piece on Ghost Hunting in the Usborne Book of Ghosts, a present he received one Christmas in the early 1980s. Since then he has conducted countless investigations around the British Isles searching for ghosts and unravelling local legends.

When he relaxes Robert writes horror stories (available for Kindle on Amazon) and short tales for Badgers Crossing, as well as enjoying Absinthe (purely for creative reasons)!

Craig French

Craig started writing whilst working as a teacher in Suffolk. He decided that the best way to encourage children to write was to show them something he’d done himself. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t but he found that he enjoyed the writing for its own sake.

Since then he has moved to rural Ireland where he finds inspiration in the history of its rugged landscape and a long-standing interest in the more eldritch aspects of folklore.

Bharat Sarollia

Bharat has been into writing, films and the paranormal ever since watching the late-night BBC2 horror double bills from 1978 to 1983. Hailing from two folklore heavy traditions – Hinduism and the mist-covered West Pennine Hills overlooking the town of Bolton, Bharat became a corporate “ghost” for a few decades.

Now inspired by H.P Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness” he is currently preparing a robot led expedition of Antarctica and writing a 13-part supernatural TV series “Darkness London”.

Do you have a spooky story to tell? If so Badgers Crossing beckons you to become a resident. Please visit the Writer’s Guide to find out how to submit a story or drop Paul a line via the Contact page.