Writing For Badgers Crossing

Although Badgers Crossing is where I retreat to when I’m writing, I’m happy for anyone else to join me there. I’d really love to know if anyone else has written stories in or about the place, and maybe even publish them here alongside my own and other writers’ stories.

To keep the county of Daxonshire neat and tidy (and to make sure one story doesn’t contradict another) I have created a Writer’s Bible with plenty of information to help you get a feel for the place, detailing locations, folklore and characters as well as including some more information about its inception and a bit about the comics, books, TV, films, music and people who have shaped me as a writer (and therefore Badgers Crossing).

If this is something you’re interested in then please get in touch using the form on the contact page or via my Twitter feed @BadgersX. I monitor both daily and will endeavour to get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck!

The Writer’s Bible document can be found here – but be aware that it is constantly being updated so you may want to check back on it now and again.

I have also created, and will regularly update, this map: