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Robert Johns


The Pro-2004 was a heavy bit of kit but it was supposed to be the best. That steel outer casing, the guy at Tandy had said, would reduce interference and get the best signal ever! Not only that, but it also had 300 channels which made it far better than the 20 channel scanner that …

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From: Pauline Brewster [editor@cryptozoologist.com] To: Martin [martin@qualmail.net] Subject: IMPORTANT – DO NOT DELETE WITHOUT READING!!!!!!! Martin, You’re going to love this one!!!! I’ve attached an email sent to us by someone called Jeff who claims that his house was besieged by a cryptoid (my words, not his – he says “hairy creature”) in the 80s …

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“I don’t go to Barrow Wood. Don’t go anywhere near it.” Jeff took another swig from his pint. I watched as the beer sloshed against his mouth and some of it trickled out from the sides of his mouth and down his chin. Jeff wiped it with the back of his hand and then plunged …

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School Property

Brewster drove his vintage green Rover P6 down the Swainmouth Road in a South-Westerly direction, heading towards the outskirts of Badgers Crossing. A short distance away he would cross the River Swain and turn into the gates of Montague Boy’s School, his destination. The sun was starting its descent and its dazzling golden rays were …

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Goody Two Shoes

A fat splat of rain exploded on the end of Sadie’s nose and caused her to blink. It was followed by another, and then a few more, and suddenly the sky released its deluge and the rain bounced off the floor. Sadie squealed and pulled her denim jacket over her head to try to stop …

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