The Book

TALES FROM BADGERS CROSSING – a short story collection by Paul Childs, published on 20th May 2022, is available to buy now from Greenteeth Press.

It features a mix of brand new, never-before read stories and newly rewritten versions of old favourites that first appeared on this site. It also features a foreword from Peter Laws, columnist for Fortean Times, host of Frightful podcast and author of the Matt Hunter crime thriller series.

Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Dear Laura and Full Immersion (among many others) Gemma Amor said:

“Whimsical, charming and a little mysterious, Badger‘s Crossing is a delightfully earnest conundrum of a town, and visitors should heed the warning – Be Careful How You Go!”

The full contents are:

  • Foreword
    By Peter Laws.
  • Welcome To Badgers Crossing
    An introduction by the author.
  • Sunday Shoes
    A new teenager in the village is delighted to receive a warning about the spiritual dangers of dancing from the old priest. However, Josh soon finds out that this is anything but Footloose.
  • Gorgon1978
    Two old friends liven up the world’s most boring party with a spot of online trolling. Have they taken things too far? And can they stop what they started before anyone gets hurt?
  • The Conductor
    Do you remember the train guard who warned you away from railway tracks in that creepy safety film from the 1970s? Sure, an entire generation of young TV viewers were scarred for life by him, but he can’t actually hurt you. Can he?
  • Phenomenal
    An unexpected interruption puts the broadcast of a brand new superhero cartoon in jeopardy. Can the heroic Mr Phenomenal and his friends defy the odds – and reality – to save the day… and the show?
  • Goodbye to Love
    An accident at an office party thrusts two colleagues from very different departments together. Will a celebrated computer scientist even notice a lowly data inputter? A high-tech office romance, set to a Carpenters soundtrack.
  • Cloakroom Duty
    Watch the coats and make sure nobody steals them. That was the task and it should have been simple, but that one troublesome coat just doesn’t want to stay on its peg.
  • The Grey Path
    A widower takes his young daughter for a twilight walk in the woods to look for badgers, but the supposedly peaceful surroundings summon up haunting memories – and maybe something else too.
  • A Game of Two Halves
    DCI Preston always gets his man… Except for master thief Frankie Parks! Can Preston catch his arch-nemesis, retrieve the fortune in stolen diamonds and get home for the cup final highlights, all without finding out the score? Only time will tell in this heist caper with a difference.
  • Vulpine
    Gilworth Comic-Con is always packed with cosplayers in spectacular outfits, but an off-duty police officer is concerned that the werewolf ahead of her in the queue looks just that little bit too lifelike.
  • Still Boxed
    Richard thinks he’s got an absolute bargain when he picks up a rare action figure for a surprisingly low price. Perhaps there’s a reason that the previous owner wanted rid of it so quickly.
  • Grey Mary
    All Josh wants from his new foster family is a normal, safe Christmas for once in his life. But the holidays in the town of Llanceffyl are anything but normal. Or safe.
  • Acknowledgments