Welcome to Badgers Crossing

In a quiet corner of the British countryside, somewhere between the windswept west coast and the rugged hills to the east, you will find Badgers Crossing; a strange, sometimes frightening, but often magical and wonderful place.

Before the decline of the town’s thriving copper and brickworks, a railway line encircled the entire town. The works closed down many years ago but the railway was never dismantled and, although overgrown, still remains today.

But the old tracks are more than just a sad reminder of a more prosperous time; in European folklore “Cold Iron” is noted for its ability to ward off spirits, faeries, witches and other supernatural beings, whether they are good or evil. Unfortunately for the residents of Badgers Crossing, an unbroken circle of iron does not only keep unwanted entities out…

It keeps them in!


Inspired by the horror comics and ghost stories of his 1980s youth, and a chance glimpse of a road sign on the main road out of his hometown, Paul Childs created the creepy, fictional town of Badgers Crossing.

Originally conceived as a novel, Badgers Crossing evolved over many years into a collection of interlinked stories which can be read as standalone tales, but together form a wider narrative about the town, its mysterious history and its eccentric residents. Although Paul is the creator of Badgers Crossing, he is joined by writers Robert Johns, Craig French and Bharat Sarollia, and extends a warm invitation to all authors, whether new or experienced, young or old, to join him in fashioning spooky tales set in and around the town, building a rich and varied collection of stories, characters and folklore (see the Submit A Story section).

But mostly, we, the townsfolk of Badgers Crossing, invite you to enjoy reading our ever-growing collection of tales on offer here. Most stories are suitable for all age, although parents may want to read them first.