You Have Been Warned: 10 Safety Films

Back in the summer of 2013 I wrote a well received, humorous look back at ten of the best Public information Films (you can read that article here) which was published on my favourite website, Den of Geek.

A while back I pitched a sequel to said article, following it up with ten more beloved safety films. The absolutely smashing Ryan Lambie, deputy editor of DoG, was keen to see that come to fruition so asked me to write it up and submit it.

I had already written the introduction to it with the intention of posting to the blog here, but it then sat languishing in my unfinished folder for some time. Ryan’s encouragement gave me the much-needed push to crack on with finishing it off.

It’s been a few weeks now since it was published and I had a ball interacting with the readers commenting beneath it (Den of Geek has, in my opinion, the finest community of readers of any website).

So please do pop over to the article You Have Been Warned: Public Information Films From The 70s and 80s and keep the conversation going, or maybe leave a comment below here.

Ryan’s book, The Geek’s Guide to SF Cinema, is out in February 2018 so please do check that out.