Short Story Submission Update

You may remember that I submitted a short story, Johnson, for inclusion in a ghost story anthology a while back.

Unfortunately I did not get into the book. However, today I received a friendly rejection letter which, as well as breaking the bad news, also informed me that I made it past the first round of rejections. They narrowed it down from over 180 to 36 so I was rather pleased to have beaten over 150 entrants!

Had I been one of the stories which failed to pass the  long-list stage I would have shared the story here but for now I’m going to submit it to a few different publishers to see how I fare.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported and inspired me, especially the lovely Jane Roberts who encouraged me to submit my story in the first place (and whose own ghost story also made it to the shortlist stage).

Below is a copy of the letter (click on the small image to enlarge). More news of future submissions to follow as it happens!