Badgers Crossing Favourites

Shadows At The Door  A constantly increasing collection of short horror stories with the emphasis very much on atmosphere and chills rather than blood and gore.

Den of Geek • My go-to site for entertainment news and in-depth articles on cult classics of film and TV. I have written for the site and am a frequent commentator on articles.

Peter Laws • An ordained Baptist minister, journalist, author, vlogger and podcaster who specialises in discussing horror films from a theological perspective.

Irregular Fiction • Site of North East aspiring writer (and all round jolly good sort) Jane Roberts who blogs about books and sometimes uploads her own stories to the site.

The Wicked Library • A fortnightly podcast of some of the best short horror stories on the internet. Their sister site, The Lift, is another anthology series, but with a central narrative linking the stories together.

Robert Johns • Author, paranormal investigator and contributor to this site. On his site you can find links to Robert’s short stories as well as a blog of his ghost hunting adventures.


Other sites

Stephen King • A master storyteller and my favourite author. In The Dark Tower series, he created a vast, multi-layered world linking all his books together.

Scream! Back From The Depths • A tribute to the short-lived horror comic Scream! Its sister site, Theatre Of Terror publishes an annual anthology comic on Hallowe’en night called Hallowscream. The Conductor was my first story to be published, in the 2015 edition.

Chris Priestley • Chris’s all-age horror stories are a major influence on Badgers Crossing.

IRON Press • A small publishing house in the North East of England which likes to encourage new writers. I submitted a ghost story to them in 2016. It wasn’t accepted but their rejection letter was very nice!

A Thin Ghost (M.R. James) • A library of all of Montague Rhodes James’ short stories, which are available for download or to read online. There is also a wealth of information on film and TV adaptations of James’ works.

Ghost Box • I often listen to this record label’s music while writing as it perfectly captures the feeling he is hoping to evoke in his stories. They describe themselves as a group of artists “exploring the misremembered musical history of a parallel world. A world of TV soundtracks, vintage electronics, folk song, psychedelia, ghostly pop, supernatural stories and folklore”.

G.P. Taylor • The fantasy-writing former clergyman and police officer who inspired me to write.

Ash Graham Photography • Ash works in the photography department of my workplace and is responsible for the portrait of me on the About The Author. He also operates as a freelance photographer in the North West of England.



As well as writing ghost stories I also like to create pop-culture related graphic designs which can be printed on many products, such as T-shirts, greeting cards, mugs, phone cases. I have stores featuring many of these designs at:

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