Introducing Robert Johns

Introducing the first Badgers Crossing guest writer

Robert Johns is a writer and paranormal investigator based in the North West of England.

I met Robert through Facebook a couple of years ago. He and I were both members of a writing group and he had asked for feedback on one of his published stories. So headed on over to Amazon and downloaded “Scare House” to my Kindle. It’s a short story set in one of those Haunted House attractions that seem to pop up all over the country around Halloween. I really quite liked it.

While we were discussing the story I mentioned a popular haunted house near where I once lived, Farmageddon in Formby, and it turned out that Robert was based in the same area and Farmageddon was the inspiration for the story. In fact, most of Robert’s stories are based on things he has seen or experienced.

A few days ago Robert messaged me with an idea for a story and asked if I would be okay for him to set it in Badgers Crossing. Of course, I was delighted at this as one of my goals with this site is to inspire other writers.

Robert’s website, where you can find links to his stories on Amazon and a blog of his adventures, can be found at

So it’s my great pleasure to present to you Goody Two Shoes – A Badgers Crossing Story by Robert Johns! (Bonus points for the name of the story as I am a sucker for 80s pop songs used as titles)